was on the street
has been long,
memories gone fray
choices made
and then you appear
my be speckled African beauty

why did you have to be
so African,
so lady in nature,
with immense distinguished feminism,
so very best,
when I’m gone by another

I knew you before
yet lacked courage,
thought my standing,
way off your regards,
my resolute, and courage
in the present
is devoid of meaning
hours have made it obsolete
as i’m now gone by another,
if you are by another gone
I will not know and shun the knowledge

why do you chose
to do me wrong?
strange beauty
dress to my senses,
be inspired by my strange dreams.
move with that soft delicate dance
in your steps.
in your dark smooth and sweet dimpled cheeks
carry the sweetest smile
piecing a through my being
rolling my heart over,
its hard to breath
with it in this position

yet all i can do is behold
the beauty,
touching could do you wrong
since I’m gone by another

to love later then,
my choice will be definite
but later may be past
and past be part of myself
so your future be bright
my be speckled African beauty

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Today I walked into them
wielding my gun
looking for my foes
the kafirs in church
I kill for god,
I fight the Holy war.

I shot them all
a mother and a child
the mother screamed,
begging me not to,
but I still shot her
and the baby I did not spare
I shot her too, later
as she screamed,

The little girl was beautiful
her little fingers,
searched her mother’s face
her eyes wild with fear,
her lips trembled as she wailed
she did not beg me
because she didn’t understand,

Her sweet plaited hair
was drenched in blood,
her mothers’ blood,
her little white dress
turned red,
After watching her scream desperately
I stretched my arms for her,
oblivious she ran
into her death
I then finished the job
shot her in the head,
for my god, and his prophet

Then I walked away proud
I had fought the Holy war,
For my god, who takes pleasure
in killing kids,and women
a god who loves to hear them scream
and scream
and scream,
cheering me before I shoot.
A god of blood,
who loves destroying lives,
of little pretty kids,
feasts on tears and blood,
That’s my god!





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hey mum
I’m a big man now,
I got a beard
my own house too,
its been long i know

yea, yea
I remeber too,
the most beautiful lady I ever knew
and ohh,
your red suit,
was it not lovely?
and the red handbag
I bet you remember mama

I no longer stay alone,
and soon I may be papa
only that you aren’t here mama
to be the sweetest grand mom
in the whole world
you will have been,
no dougbt
since you already were

that won’t matter
since i will tell her
of you,
of those teeth,
white in a row
ofcourse speak of that smile
like the rising sun,
it always warmed my heart
that lovely head gear,
the magic of african beauty
I will go on and on,
and when she can’t listen
any more
then I will tell her

of your special love for me
never before
surpassed by those after you.

good day mama

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I’ve heard rumors
that I love peace,
the truth is
I hate tribe
yet I smile
with two fingers in the air
I want to set ablaze peace banners
I hate them too,
because they say not the truth
emotions awaiting reason to surface,
inside fight and ready themselves.
along the way, and the rest
its all the same.
the peace banner provokes my inside
but i beg reason never to abandon me.

this heavy heart i carry
on these streets of life
these streets of the city
I weep for my countrymen
enslaved and slain by tribe,
they, in all
consult tribe on all matters of existence
on their limbs hangs heavy chains
their minds cobwebbed with tribe
their talk is punctuated with
in all reason of life and future
they first talk to the demon

in sunny days they sacrifice
all to the demon,
reason they give
life and welfare they give
family they lay before tribe
speech they give
character to the demon,
the ghost of tribe they offer

I’m of another tribe
and i feel alien in my land
cause to be that am not of them
of their type
and alone i must then stand
for my tribe is too small
or not unified

all educated minds in the land
all sensible minds
all them gentle pastors
and sheikhs
community leaders,
commentators and news anchors
pretenders of reason,
all on that day
stood by their demon
smiled and cuddled it in love
and their vote freely gave
to tribe.

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A tale of two

they said we all were one
but then there were two
all through
even on the last day
they still said, we were one
but it never was

one who was for all
stood no chance,
for all were less than two
and it was fair,
they whispered,
in caps, they ran
made to provoke the rest
but for a nation’s love
we held in it.

even afore the day,
they said two were too many
and all stood no chance
it was shameless,
and patronizing,
and that day i felt small
i felt invisible
non existent, yet in my home.

if it is to be as two wished
a dark cloud will hang on our land
our dear dear dear land
is to face isolation
our kids signed up to starve
through their parents decision
the virus afflicted to die,
for friends and neighbors will shun us
because of the two
and non of our neighbor’s herbs
and bread will reach our borders
but the two too blind to care
and their followers duped
for survival of them two.

a day of moaning was celebrated,
in red they ran
in black i walked, and the rest like me
we knew what lay in store,
of the bills we shall pay for cases
of the kids we shall bury
of the sick we shall watch die
but all in all we hoped this tears
will wash everyone’s eyes clear
and next we shall see and remember all
shunning fractions.

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they say I may die
some say I should have died
yet a number wish me alive,
i fear the dark,
as descends from the east,
chasing the sun with its cold look
causing it to stay hidden
hours on,
I know in it lies my end

If I don’t change,
then few days will count mine,
devoid of suffering
my chance is sewn in change,
they say.

I was with the doctor,
he said, my malady
is unique,
that it will kill me,
not in time, but with time
that for many days
I will cry in pain,
that the nights will be long
mornings will forsake me
the rains will fall,
and my house let them in
my family will beg, when I’m gone
my plate will be taken
that my wife will be raped
my little kids will make tent their home

He said even my vote
I will not cast,
for my tribal leader,

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I one day will kill it!

I will one day kill death,
I will, when it leaves to go hunting
waylay and hack it to death, this death
it has many sorrows caused me,
and millions not counted

tonight when the sun sets,
i will wait,
quietly still sit
in the darkness hope to see
and kill it, this death

it moves large they say
many parts of this land has visited
and in its wake left tears and agony
dark, it sometimes looks
the ones who have seen it
it has claimed,
its description hard to decipher
but i will imagine its looks,
and kill it when it shows its ugly head

I have waited long
i know if i dont kill it,
then myself it will kill
and render itself immortal
that i cannot let happen
so i will wait
today, this day in the right hour
strike that fatal blow

and on its knees as it draws its last breath
i will torture it,
suffocate it
bash its head on the floor
wrung its neck
have it apologise to me,
to all,
why it was so ruthless
why even kids it considered fit to kill

I will, if it has any, pull off its hair
in agony i know it will scream
but i will not stop
i will kepp going, and going
and going and going
and pulling untill no single strandd stands
and then it will collapse and breath its last
no one will shed a tear for it,
i will burry it in level grave,
no mount will stand in its place
and thorns atop shall grow,
it shall be a desolate ground
forever haunted by its shadow
the shadow of death.

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