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A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.

A stranger’s Hand

I missed her dearly The world tumbled to a stop my world around me, people carried on It was just another funeral the nth one in the village and who was idle to keep count? but to me, the heavens … Continue reading

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Oh God

Please let her be by my side Although I would not get her heart… just until she notice the tear in my heart Please help her one day look back so that she can see that I’m always by her … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

if only i could go back through time to just be there, sit in silence, let the wind whisper past in no words, find comfort see the love one that, through time is just memories if the universe allowed i … Continue reading

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Zombie voter

Oh zombie voter of Kabete and kenya you move yourself but think not you vote as instructed a zombie with fried brains Ohh my fellow Kenyans what became of you can you be a human voter can you think? landslide … Continue reading

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like a search light in the sky was you dad and your life a thousand stars in each you shone and still will a thousand smiles you caused, and now tears of love gone, of a father gone As the … Continue reading

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floating around empty selves, next day full of optimism and what do we hope for like whispers of the wind is life, to be here and be gone like the wind, but living. oblivious of beyond the start and the … Continue reading

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Long live Khamala!

I and Khamala have one descendant My veins flow with red hot webuye blood Khamala and I grew up together, side by side, inch by inch then I left for the city Khamala remained, but toured, Khamala has conqured, explored, … Continue reading

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