About Sabuni

It is an honor that i have to meet you here,

my utmost gratitude that you should find my writings worth of your time

I shall , with all the effort and will , come up with pieces that shall in the least make your time worthwhile on my blog

Your humble servant is a gentleman from Kenya, a computer scientist by profession but a lover of the written word.


9 Responses to About Sabuni

  1. Edwin says:

    Hae ,actually your poems are good

  2. Kimoso says:

    Way to go brother.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Hey Sabuni,
    trust that you keeping well

    Jimmy Sumbeiywo

  4. rsabuni says:

    it is well with me fellow, tell me about yourself

  5. baghaya says:

    Some great words you have there,please check out my blog on http://www.wordpess/baghaya.com

  6. the poems r way gr8..but u disav a beta profile picture..
    da current 1 makes u luk abit yung,
    just ma opinion poet..

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