like a search light in the sky
was you dad
and your life
a thousand stars
in each you shone and still will
a thousand smiles
you caused,
and now tears
of love gone,
of a father gone

As the day broke on that day
so was you, a baby
and the world was blessed
a boy, a man, a husband
and then, a father.
life to us you gave and nurtured
but today, a dark day
this day
today the sun has set
and tomorrow next
we will not be with you
and forever,
till we will be
one day

your big hands
embraced us all
and in them warmth abundant
has been and always
even in absence of them physically

the gentle radiance in your eyes
filled and lifted our spirits
in giving up was not your belief
and us all you lifted
in your words and love
that you are gone
leaves an emptiness so vast
but that your presence is within
and amongst us always,
not so vast then we hope
the emptiness will be
we pray dad

As you bow out,
we bow our heads,
hold our hands and say
We loved, and always will
journey well


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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