floating around
empty selves,
next day full of optimism
and what do we hope for
like whispers of the wind
is life,

to be here and be gone
like the wind, but living.
oblivious of beyond
the start and the end
none understands the mysteries

been theorized
the beginning,
and yet none holds proof
holds the truth of the end

the magnificence and precision
of that in existence,
surpasses the existing knowledge
and understanding

day and night stringed together
each after the other
and the seasons,
all in exquisite order
and how,
by what or

we survive by chance,
or not by it, but beyond it
week and vulnerable yet not extinct
HIV is by fluid contact
and so is Ebola
and why?
why not are they AIRBORNE?

That that gives life
in proportions right and order
and holds planets,
stars and all the unknowns
in space,
just distances right from the sun
from each other
from nothingness
and all a coincidence?
a result of random activities?
as of in the tongues of science?

That that lies yonder time
and life


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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