Long live Khamala!

I and Khamala have one descendant
My veins flow with red hot webuye blood
Khamala and I grew up together,
side by side, inch by inch
then I left for the city
Khamala remained,
but toured,

Khamala has conqured,
Khamala has been everywhere
ravaged the town,
He has captured territories
under his dominion is a subject
this minute as I speak
begging to remain in his captivity

Inter county media cameras
Khamala caused their presence home
home sweet Webuye
It is even whispered
Khamala will not stop,
he will go on again
That’s our Khamala!

Khamala wields no sword
Khamala leads no army
yet he has conquered all
Khamala has been there!
believe me!!
It is whispered Khamala’s spear
has a charm!
He walks with it,
few have seen it
Samir, it is said has

When myself I will marry
I will seek Khamala’s blessings
The secrets and experience
The natural instinct of Khamala
will be a an asset
For Khamala has walking assets
they work, walk and smile.

The red line in beneath our feet!
Will all are little Khamalas inside
Long live Khamala!


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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