was on the street
has been long,
memories gone fray
choices made
and then you appear
my be speckled African beauty

why did you have to be
so African,
so lady in nature,
with immense distinguished feminism,
so very best,
when I’m gone by another

I knew you before
yet lacked courage,
thought my standing,
way off your regards,
my resolute, and courage
in the present
is devoid of meaning
hours have made it obsolete
as i’m now gone by another,
if you are by another gone
I will not know and shun the knowledge

why do you chose
to do me wrong?
strange beauty
dress to my senses,
be inspired by my strange dreams.
move with that soft delicate dance
in your steps.
in your dark smooth and sweet dimpled cheeks
carry the sweetest smile
piecing a through my being
rolling my heart over,
its hard to breath
with it in this position

yet all i can do is behold
the beauty,
touching could do you wrong
since I’m gone by another

to love later then,
my choice will be definite
but later may be past
and past be part of myself
so your future be bright
my be speckled African beauty


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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