Today I walked into them
wielding my gun
looking for my foes
the kafirs in church
I kill for god,
I fight the Holy war.

I shot them all
a mother and a child
the mother screamed,
begging me not to,
but I still shot her
and the baby I did not spare
I shot her too, later
as she screamed,

The little girl was beautiful
her little fingers,
searched her mother’s face
her eyes wild with fear,
her lips trembled as she wailed
she did not beg me
because she didn’t understand,

Her sweet plaited hair
was drenched in blood,
her mothers’ blood,
her little white dress
turned red,
After watching her scream desperately
I stretched my arms for her,
oblivious she ran
into her death
I then finished the job
shot her in the head,
for my god, and his prophet

Then I walked away proud
I had fought the Holy war,
For my god, who takes pleasure
in killing kids,and women
a god who loves to hear them scream
and scream
and scream,
cheering me before I shoot.
A god of blood,
who loves destroying lives,
of little pretty kids,
feasts on tears and blood,
That’s my god!






About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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