I’ve heard rumors
that I love peace,
the truth is
I hate tribe
yet I smile
with two fingers in the air
I want to set ablaze peace banners
I hate them too,
because they say not the truth
emotions awaiting reason to surface,
inside fight and ready themselves.
along the way, and the rest
its all the same.
the peace banner provokes my inside
but i beg reason never to abandon me.

this heavy heart i carry
on these streets of life
these streets of the city
I weep for my countrymen
enslaved and slain by tribe,
they, in all
consult tribe on all matters of existence
on their limbs hangs heavy chains
their minds cobwebbed with tribe
their talk is punctuated with
in all reason of life and future
they first talk to the demon

in sunny days they sacrifice
all to the demon,
reason they give
life and welfare they give
family they lay before tribe
speech they give
character to the demon,
the ghost of tribe they offer

I’m of another tribe
and i feel alien in my land
cause to be that am not of them
of their type
and alone i must then stand
for my tribe is too small
or not unified

all educated minds in the land
all sensible minds
all them gentle pastors
and sheikhs
community leaders,
commentators and news anchors
pretenders of reason,
all on that day
stood by their demon
smiled and cuddled it in love
and their vote freely gave
to tribe.


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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