A tale of two

they said we all were one
but then there were two
all through
even on the last day
they still said, we were one
but it never was

one who was for all
stood no chance,
for all were less than two
and it was fair,
they whispered,
in caps, they ran
made to provoke the rest
but for a nation’s love
we held in it.

even afore the day,
they said two were too many
and all stood no chance
it was shameless,
and patronizing,
and that day i felt small
i felt invisible
non existent, yet in my home.

if it is to be as two wished
a dark cloud will hang on our land
our dear dear dear land
is to face isolation
our kids signed up to starve
through their parents decision
the virus afflicted to die,
for friends and neighbors will shun us
because of the two
and non of our neighbor’s herbs
and bread will reach our borders
but the two too blind to care
and their followers duped
for survival of them two.

a day of moaning was celebrated,
in red they ran
in black i walked, and the rest like me
we knew what lay in store,
of the bills we shall pay for cases
of the kids we shall bury
of the sick we shall watch die
but all in all we hoped this tears
will wash everyone’s eyes clear
and next we shall see and remember all
shunning fractions.


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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