I one day will kill it!

I will one day kill death,
I will, when it leaves to go hunting
waylay and hack it to death, this death
it has many sorrows caused me,
and millions not counted

tonight when the sun sets,
i will wait,
quietly still sit
in the darkness hope to see
and kill it, this death

it moves large they say
many parts of this land has visited
and in its wake left tears and agony
dark, it sometimes looks
the ones who have seen it
it has claimed,
its description hard to decipher
but i will imagine its looks,
and kill it when it shows its ugly head

I have waited long
i know if i dont kill it,
then myself it will kill
and render itself immortal
that i cannot let happen
so i will wait
today, this day in the right hour
strike that fatal blow

and on its knees as it draws its last breath
i will torture it,
suffocate it
bash its head on the floor
wrung its neck
have it apologise to me,
to all,
why it was so ruthless
why even kids it considered fit to kill

I will, if it has any, pull off its hair
in agony i know it will scream
but i will not stop
i will kepp going, and going
and going and going
and pulling untill no single strandd stands
and then it will collapse and breath its last
no one will shed a tear for it,
i will burry it in level grave,
no mount will stand in its place
and thorns atop shall grow,
it shall be a desolate ground
forever haunted by its shadow
the shadow of death.


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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