I changed

I changed, not long ago
for now
I want a girl to love me,
make me happy,
forever endevour to please my being,

you know, there was when
i worked to please the girl,
did all dear deeds
to wipe away her tears,
her pain was a stain on my heart
I worked day and night
to rid my heart
of such stains
of her pain
her happy world was mine to create,
and create did though
the tools most often expensive

she called and asked,
the answer expected was no,
but then the answer i gave was yes
any time dear
all day, every day

but then i changed
as nobody took as their duty to build mine
the world i lived in was rugged
full of callings,
late night calls,
from my end, always
my world was full of imaginations
all to surprise her,
memories of dates,
the eve of her birthday
the birthday itself
her friends birthday
Her anniversary,
which anniversary we were not even married,
but then i had to remember the day i met het
it was an anniversary

so i broke loose
i said,
i need someone to remember my dates
my days
my birthday too
the day i bought my red tie,
and my white socks
the day i forgot to wash my face and came to work still
i needed someone to remember all that,
you think you have good memory?
be my guest!


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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