I love you

I’ve never said
I love you,
not because i don’t love you
but because i don’t know if i do
i like you, no doubt
its the word
i never understand, love

I’m attracted to you,
because of how you look
is it lust?
is it love
if you lost your teeth
you will loose me too
sorry but its true
is it love still?
if i was impotent,
will you love or leave me?
will it be love?

you insist me to say
a word i know not its meaning
on my fail,
you are saddened
do i join the rest
and practice the lie?
to say hours through
how i love you,
how i sleep not,
without a stroll of your images
afront my eyes,
how my heart begs for you
for your voice,
my fingers itch
to get the blouse off your shoulders,

And my love
once lies I’ve made enough,
then will ask of your hand,
to be my wife
tell the vows told before
by others and broken as fast,

maybe its a necessary lie
its been told all long
its not my intent to contravene
and change the train’s course
i will get aboard
learn to lie,
my love
and love you forever.


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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3 Responses to I love you

  1. sweet says:

    that’s sweet man

  2. ua fingers itch 2 get da blouse off ha shoulders??men!!u got fantasies….bottom lyn,i luv t…

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