all in line
moving in harmony
to the motion of her hands
Esther and the girls,
on the frontline
sings soprano
David, Noah and the angels
are the bases in her choir,

they all swing and sing
to mamas hands,
how privileged,
you being the least mama,
yet have a grand opportunity
to lead the grand glorious choir

while still around
mama was a darling
loved and cared for all
foes and friends alike
in her heart always shone
a sweet fire,
a lovely fire
that gave warmth to many

On those golden streets now
up in the skies
she leads the angels
in the choruses
she knew so well,
choruses she once
lost herself in,
at sunset,
as she sat
and sang away
the lifes blues

In her white long dress
she swings, sings and smiles
pipes and glides
how beautiful mama looks
her eyes even brighter
than I last saw them
eleven years apast,

one time,
Up in the skies
we once shall be a big family
and join the angels
in praises to the loving God
from whom all love flows


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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