The night

In the nights
the cries.
cries of pleasure and pain,
lives always made and lost

stars light a path
for the two lovers,
walking among the grass,
laughing and clinging
to one another.
how  beautiful life is

they chatter of nothing
but everything,
of the future and family
of them old and grandchildren
under the stars,
hand in hand.
how beautiful is love

past the shrubs,
as they’ve done
for nights past.
But its getting darker tonight,
yet in it still lies beauty,
and courage,
still yet
lives are created and destroyed
in it

Tonight is different
her touch is warmer
her little breast,
as it brushes on his chest,
is more gentle and understanding
the sandals,
clatter in unison with his,
her lips,

It was like wild animal,
the brushes moved
nothing could be seen,
the stars had finnaly
abandoned them

gently, he felt her body,
ease into his hands
It maybe was an animal,
maybe not,
but of what importance does it bare,

Like tonight
the night always comes,
Even in the day
It still does.


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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