Our shadow selves

they are everywhere
I hear their voices,
they cry everyday
but all is noise
always has been,

its not the first
its been like that
many years
on the streets and the villages
the same sad songs,
songs of fatherless kids
their black faces carry
the scars of the sun

their blood black
of hatred for selves
we all are different
you and I are more important,
our blood clean, civilised
we eat canned food
but look at them,
they scavenge to eat,
civilised poeple dont do that!

We should rid our streets of them,
they steal from our guests,
important tourists.
they assault innocent citizens
disgrace our nation.

Does it hurt to be normal,
behave normally?
eat properly,
sleep well,
I wonder, always have
with our shadowy selves!


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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2 Responses to Our shadow selves

  1. we all are different n we are all different….i cant tell which is more ryt.ua opinion 2 an author mr. poet pliz…
    great work..cant have enaf of t!!

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