pardon,if you will,
my indulgence
but matters of the heart
hold me captive.

i had said
but you insisted
and said you too

i seek to state my case thus
and trust
that within the bounds
of your heart
shall be found
a spot of pity
and understanding
of your servants grievous undoing
and spare him, though deserving,
the reprimand of your authority

it is without face
and much shame
that i should confess
of a love illegal both
in the sovereign and mortal laws
and hopelessly hang on the very
hope that within your hearts bounty
shall suffice a reason though not withstanding
circumstances of the moment
to forgive your humble servant
of the crimes am most afraid to word

i beg again
say not nay
say not for love
love shall weep
yet understanding
prevail will

it is not within my capacity
to love
she that my heart is with.


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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3 Responses to Apology

  1. Tracey says:


  2. elizabeth Kanini says:

    eh…Kisabuni…did not know you are a poet! kudos keep up the good work.

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