The tap

In our house
Water oozes
From a wall,
Amazing and funny it is

They call it a tap
But still I don’t understand
High up the building
No rivers insight
But water still oozes from the wall

It’s stupid to question that
Call me so,
It does not bother me
Since it never ceases to amaze me
Water oozing from the wall


About Sabuni

A computer scientist by, profession. loves writing, listening to jazz, country and the oldies.
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4 Responses to The tap

  1. Dan Mburu says:

    Kwenda huko

  2. Sabuni says:

    Genuine surprise i have and wonder

  3. short n precise..i only knw of water oozin 4rm stones n not i gues u stupid (lyk they cald u) knows beta…

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