A stranger’s Hand

I missed her dearly
The world tumbled to a stop
my world
around me,
people carried on
It was just another funeral
the nth one in the village
and who was idle to keep count?

but to me,
the heavens no longer stared down
the birds chimed not for years
my person was afflicted,
none took a minute to consider
the world of a confused child

they talked of school fees of which
non remembered
of my well-being of which
non cared

then the dreams came
she was here again
every night I waited
to see her
and dutifully she came
never uttered a word
but in silence sat
and to see her was all i waited
all day.

And life continued
albeit in the opposite direction
none turned to beckon
to call my name
to point me direction
stumbled i did
trying to hold on
to find a way
I called out
but the silence was deafening
so i stopped
and drifted,

afternoons staring in the night sky
wondering what lay yonder
empty space?
just stars?
never found an answer
but the time was occupying enough
to block out the misery that was life

of nothing, was something
a strangers hand,
that picked, led me
held me close to human warmth
breathed the breath of love
to my lungs
pulled me away from the
set me upon the right path
and on it I trod to date
my hand in the strangers hand
my being in the strangers heart
and on trod

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Oh God

Please let her be by my side
Although I would not get her heart…
just until she notice
the tear in my heart
Please help her one day look back
so that she can see that I’m always by her side
Whenever that will be
help me wait until the day
My heart that wants her
should not commit a sin…

Please help her someday notice
that my humble love for her is endless
My heart that wants her
should not commit sin..
Please help her someday notice
that my humble love for her is endless
Please hear my prayers….

Help me so that I don’t hurt her again
because of the love I cannot have
It will make too much sorrow in her heart
My heart that wants her
should not be sinned…
Please help her someday notice
that my humble love for her is endless.

Please hear my prayers….
Please hear my prayers

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Bits and Pieces

if only i could go back
through time
to just be there,
sit in silence,
let the wind whisper past
in no words, find comfort
see the love
one that, through time
is just memories

if the universe allowed
i will be glad
so will wait
be patient and hope
to see the bits and pieces
broken off on the way
as I journeyed by self

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Zombie voter

Oh zombie voter
of Kabete and kenya
you move yourself
but think not
you vote
as instructed
a zombie with fried brains
Ohh my fellow Kenyans
what became of you

can you be a human voter
can you think?
landslide win?
of zombie votes
and you cry of insecurity
of poor services
of terrorism
come on zombie friend
grow up and get a brain!

unique feature though
of zombie brotherhood
they know well their tribesmen
a small fraction of brain did not fry
one to identify a fellow tribesman

our kids die
Garissa and kapedo
some bodies we bury,
some we don’t
some turn into world mysteries
securiy starts with you
they sing at top voices
the ones we chose
with our zombie votes

Oh my cursed country
cry my country
cry and pray
that your country zombies
will turn into countrymen
of men voters
and never zombie voters!!

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like a search light in the sky
was you dad
and your life
a thousand stars
in each you shone and still will
a thousand smiles
you caused,
and now tears
of love gone,
of a father gone

As the day broke on that day
so was you, a baby
and the world was blessed
a boy, a man, a husband
and then, a father.
life to us you gave and nurtured
but today, a dark day
this day
today the sun has set
and tomorrow next
we will not be with you
and forever,
till we will be
one day

your big hands
embraced us all
and in them warmth abundant
has been and always
even in absence of them physically

the gentle radiance in your eyes
filled and lifted our spirits
in giving up was not your belief
and us all you lifted
in your words and love
that you are gone
leaves an emptiness so vast
but that your presence is within
and amongst us always,
not so vast then we hope
the emptiness will be
we pray dad

As you bow out,
we bow our heads,
hold our hands and say
We loved, and always will
journey well

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floating around
empty selves,
next day full of optimism
and what do we hope for
like whispers of the wind
is life,

to be here and be gone
like the wind, but living.
oblivious of beyond
the start and the end
none understands the mysteries

been theorized
the beginning,
and yet none holds proof
holds the truth of the end

the magnificence and precision
of that in existence,
surpasses the existing knowledge
and understanding

day and night stringed together
each after the other
and the seasons,
all in exquisite order
and how,
by what or

we survive by chance,
or not by it, but beyond it
week and vulnerable yet not extinct
HIV is by fluid contact
and so is Ebola
and why?
why not are they AIRBORNE?

That that gives life
in proportions right and order
and holds planets,
stars and all the unknowns
in space,
just distances right from the sun
from each other
from nothingness
and all a coincidence?
a result of random activities?
as of in the tongues of science?

That that lies yonder time
and life

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Long live Khamala!

I and Khamala have one descendant
My veins flow with red hot webuye blood
Khamala and I grew up together,
side by side, inch by inch
then I left for the city
Khamala remained,
but toured,

Khamala has conqured,
Khamala has been everywhere
ravaged the town,
He has captured territories
under his dominion is a subject
this minute as I speak
begging to remain in his captivity

Inter county media cameras
Khamala caused their presence home
home sweet Webuye
It is even whispered
Khamala will not stop,
he will go on again
That’s our Khamala!

Khamala wields no sword
Khamala leads no army
yet he has conquered all
Khamala has been there!
believe me!!
It is whispered Khamala’s spear
has a charm!
He walks with it,
few have seen it
Samir, it is said has

When myself I will marry
I will seek Khamala’s blessings
The secrets and experience
The natural instinct of Khamala
will be a an asset
For Khamala has walking assets
they work, walk and smile.

The red line in beneath our feet!
Will all are little Khamalas inside
Long live Khamala!

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